Passive versus Aggressive

Writing is something I thoroughly enjoy doing.  To me, it is better than talking because it provides an opportunity to share a thought without interruption and it requires thinking instead of just blurting out whatever is on your mind.  Unfortunately, writing is not the easiest task.  As a matter of fact, most prefer to talk instead of writing because when writing there is grammar, sentence structure and all types of rules that make it challenging.  

During college writing seemed to be all I did.  Every paper I wrote came back with similar responses, “you must not write in the passive voice”.  I would read my paper and observe the red marks where I wrote in the passive voice and then think to myself, “what does it matter, the point is clear”.  One instructor took some time to explain it to me in better detail, “the subject must always complete the action, purpose driven subject, in control, in the drivers seat”.  Wether that is good grammar advice or not, I don’t know but it certainly helped me with writing.  

As I think about this concept it reminds me of a word that I think we miss out on a lot of times…intentional.  Do you ever stop and think about your day from the standpoint of passive or aggressive?  What does your schedule look like?  Who dictates what you do every hour of your day?  Does your story read like my poorly written papers or do you intentionally manage your life completing the action of every sentence and never acting passively?  I want to challenge you to make the word intentional a concept that wakes you up everyday.  

Intentional represents the idea of someone in control of what goes on in their life.  Life doesn’t just happen, but rather is a well planned script executed by you the author.  Sure, we don’t control everything, but I do believe no matter what life throws our way we can intentionally address it and maintain some level of control.  

This week think through every aspect of your day and make sure what happens in your life is intentional…part of a bigger plan.  

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